Greek Revival (1825-1850)

Defining Elements of the Greek Revival Style:

  • One or two stories in height.
  • Examples with a symmetrical façade are usually five bays wide. Example with an asymmetrical façade are usually three bays wide.
  • Urban examples often asymmetrical with a side hall plan.
  • High style examples emulate a Greek temple front with large columns or pilasters supporting a triangular pediment.
  • Vernacular examples usually have pilasters and may have a triangular pediment in the gable end.
  • Brick and wood frame construction common.
  • Large multi-paned double or triple hung sash windows 6/6 or 9/9 window pattern are common.
  • Usually a wide cornice band below the eave.
  • Entry doors often with ornate lintels and wide pilasters, often with flanking side lights.
  • Siding may be flush to simulate a stone surface. 

Examples of Greek Revival Style Architecture in Greater Portland: