Deacon John Bailey House 

1235 Congress Street, Portland  |  Nominated to Places in Peril in 2015

The Issue

One of the most important Pre-Revolutionary War-era houses in the city, this Georgian home characterizes a very early period of history in Portland. Few properties from this time remain in Portland due to major fires in 1775 and 1866, as well as losses due to heavy transportation development in the 20th century. The house was documented in photographs and drawings in the Historic American Building Survey of 1936. Evidence exists that the bricks for the home’s floor and hearth were made onsite.

There is lack of public awareness of the significance of this early house located on a heavily-traveled, major street. Deferred maintenance, and the presence of a large tree in the front yard, the roots of which may be affecting the foundation, could threaten its structural integrity.

Our Position

The building is intact and has an owner who is highly knowledgeable and appreciative of its history. They are working hard to keep up the building while also operating a business. Major interior projects have been needed this year and are in progress, causing a delay in completing planned exterior work. There is an opportunity for listing in the National Register, which could provide access to state and federal historic preservation tax credits to help support the owner’s rehabilitation projects.


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