Videos of Landmarks Lectures and Presentations

Whenever possible Landmarks tries to have all our presentations recorded. Much of that is made possible through our membership at Maine Media Center and their team of volunteers. 

Julie Larry of Greater Portland Landmarks walks us through the history of Portland's East Deering neighborhood

Find out more about the history of Portland's Deering Highlands neighborhood in the second presentation about this area.

Trace the history of the development of Portland’s Deering Highlands in this first of two presentations about this neighborhood.


Watch the 2018 Preservation Awards ceremony and Annual Meeting

An energizing discussion by Professor Max Page on shaping a sustainable and equitable future with historic preservation.


Preservation Experts on old house & Historian Herb Adams shares story of  Mechanics Hall. 

Take tour of Portland's "Streetcar Suburb" neighborhoods along Forest Avenue

Get an update on Greater Portland Landmarks' activities and find out what properties are on the 2017 Places In Peril list

Landscape Historian Lucinda Brockway takes us on a historical tour of gardens and gardening.

Dennis Collins, of the Mt. Auburn Cemetery talks about the  importance of urban cemeteries.


 Kathleen Sutherland presents the women who worked to preserve Portland's architectural heritage

Historian Herb Adams takes us on a 300 year long walk with the shipbuilders and merchants of Portland's waterfront history

Libby Bischof presents the origins of the "City Beautiful Movement" and how Portland adopted that philosophy at the dawn of the 20th Century