Preservation Information

Sustainable Practices

Historic preservation and the green building movement are natural allies: the greenest building, as the saying goes, is the one that is already built. An older building embodies a heavy prior investment in resources and energy; keeping it in use conserves the investment and is recycling at its best. 

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Preserving Your Historic Property

Learn about different methods to preserve your historic property, from the restoration of wooden windows, to exterior painting and masonry.

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Researching Your Old Building

Learn about the various resources available to aid you in researching your historic building. 

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Preservation Easement Program

For owners concerned about the future of their beloved home, an option for long-term preservation is the donation of a preservation easement to a qualified non-profit like Greater Portland Landmarks.

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Historic Tax Credits

Learn about the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program and the Maine Rehabilitation Tax Credit.


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FAQs & Other Resources

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for general information on Greater Portland Landmarks, historic preservation, and historic resources in the greater Portland community.

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