Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

Greater Portland Landmarks believes historic preservation and the green building movement are natural allies: the greenest building, as the saying goes, is the one that is already built. An older building embodies a heavy prior investment in resources and energy; keeping it in use conserves that investment and is recycling at its best. 

The greenest building is the one already built.

Landmarks applauds and encourages new approaches to sustainable design and construction while working to educate building owners, architects, builders and developers about the important role of historic preservation in fostering sustainable development.

We provide access to green technologies and products through the bi-annual Old House Trade Show, the Northern New England Preservation Directory, workshops on preservation practices, and practical advice for do-it-yourselfers in our quarterly newspaper, the Landmarks Observer.

Energy Efficiency In Older Homes

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If you can't re-use historic materials in your own home, consider salvaging them so that others may utilize them and keep recyclable materials out of our waste stream!