Munjoy Hill

Area of Munjoy Hill affected by the moratorium. City of Portland

Area of Munjoy Hill affected by the moratorium. City of Portland



The City of Portland will hold listening sessions on February 26th and March 24th at the East End Community School. For more information, please visit the City's website!

The Issue

On December 18, 2017 the Portland City Council voted to approve a six-month moratorium on demolition in the R-6 district on Munjoy Hill.  The impetus for adoption was concern from some Munjoy Hill residents that the current residential development interest was resulting in an undue number of demolitions to existing structures, and infill development that was sometimes out of scale and character with existing neighborhood fabric. The moratorium was enacted to provide a temporary hiatus in development activity while the Department of Planning & Urban Development develops any necessary additional land use and design regulations to address both of these issues in the R-6 for Munjoy Hill.

The moratorium includes a requirement for the implementation of interim zoning to govern development in the R-6 zone for the duration of the moratorium to be implemented within 65 days of December 4th. This Munjoy Hill Interim Planning Overlay District (IPOD) is a tool that provides temporary standards to guide development applications that are received during the remaining 115 days of the moratorium.  The City Council approved the IPOD in early February 2018.

Our Position

Landmarks’ mission to preserve Greater Portland’s remarkable legacy of buildings, landscapes, and parks is achieved in part by identifying valuable historic resources that tell the story of our community. The historic dwellings that line the Eastern Prom are integral to the setting of the Eastern Promenade, which is a Historic Landscape District. In addition to these properties our recent research has determined that two-thirds, or 500 of the approximately 750 buildings in the R-6 zone on Munjoy Hill retain their historic architectural integrity. These historic resources help define the streetscapes that make this neighborhood of Portland a desirable place to live, work and recreate.

Landmarks supported the moratorium as a reasonable and necessary approach to assessing the impacts of rapid change and determining a thoughtful path forward. The 2015 R6 zoning change has created unintended consequences including the demolition of 11 dwellings on Munjoy Hill and new construction that is not consistent with the historic patterns of development on Munjoy Hill. We believe it strikes a careful balance between new development and conserving the character of Munjoy Hill. 

During the moratorium period Landmarks staff and volunteers are researching the history of and surveying the buildings on Munjoy Hill. Our advocates are planning educational programs and holding listenings sessions with city leaders, residents, and other interested parties. As always Landmarks is meeting with city staff and attending public meetings advocating for Portland's historic properties and future landmarks.

Slideshow on Munjoy Hill's historic and architectural development 2.15.2018


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