Greater Portland Landmarks believes that quality preservation projects are vital for maintaining both Portland’s cultural history and its economy. Landmarks celebrates outstanding preservation projects with its preservation awards program. Landmarks invites the public to nominate any historic property or landscape that has been restored, rehabilitated, undergone sensitive new construction, provided stewardship, or adapted to a modern use. In addition, people, organizations, or programs who have striven to educate and advocate for the cultural heritage of greater Portland area are eligible for preservation awards.

2014 Preservation Award Winners

Kotzchmar image.JPG

Kotzschmar Organ (1912) Centennial Renovation

For the renovation of the Kotzschmar Organ (1912) in Merrill Auditorium, Portland’s symphonic pipe organ, boasting 6,862 pipes and one of two municipal organs in the country.

Project Team:
Foley-Baker, Inc., Organ Builders
Friends of the Kotzschmar Organ, Project Manager
City of Portland, Owner and Financial Partner

Park Row (1842) Decorative Cast Iron Balcony Repair

For the preservation and restoration of the cast iron decorative balcony on Park Street Row (1835), townhouses listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

Project Team:
Standfast Works Forge, Cast Iron Work
Ron Guerin, President of the Park Street Townhouse Owners' Association
Tom Faran, Vice President, Park Street Townhouse Owners' Association
Ann Worster, Former President, Park Street Townhouse Owners' Association

U.S. Custom House
(1867-72) Restoration

For the preservation and rehabilitation of the former United States Custom House (1867-72) in Portland through exemplary research and physical investigation.  The Custom House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and now a monumental symbol of the City of Portland’s maritime commercial history.

Project Team:
Oak Point Associates, Architects

eneral Services Administration, Client & Property Manager
CCB, Inc., General Contractors

TECTA America, Roofing Contractor
Building Conservation Associates, Historic Preservation Consultant
Masonry Preservation Associates, Masonry Contractor
Peter Lord Plaster & Paint, Plaster Contractor

St. Hyacinth's School (1893) & Convent (1921) Rehabilitation as Housing


For the preservation and rehabilitation of St. Hyacinth’s School (1893) and Convent (1921) to now accommodate 37 affordable, energy-efficient housing units.  The school is a monumental French Second Empire building with impressive scale, as well as a symbol of the dignity of education in what was formerly a blue-collar French immigrant community.

Project Team:
Developers Collaborative, Co-Developer
Avesta Housing, Co-Developer
Archetype Architects, Architect
Sutherland Conservation & Consulting, Historic Consultant
Portland Builders, Project Manager
FST, Civil Engineer
Curtis Thaxter, Attorney
Maine Housing, Financial Partner
Boston Capital, Syndicator
Bangor Savings Bank, Lender

Awards_Samuel_Trask_Block_After_BackStreetView_ 2014.jpg

Samuel Trask Block (1887) Site Improvements & Additions

For the preservation and distinctive new construction on the historic Samuel Trask Block of townhouses in Portland’s Western Promenade Historic District and Spring Street National Register Historic District.  These townhouses are an excellent example of Roman Revival architecture and a role model for historic houses in Portland.

Project Team:
Carriage House Studio, Architect
Ocean House Builders, Contractor
The Heritage Company, Roofing
Ron Forest & Sons Fence Co., Fencing
Fogg Lighting, Lighting
Hanover Ironworks, Railings
Carol Liscovitz Photography
'After' photography

City of Portland Historic Preservation Program (1990)

For the continued dedication to preserving Portland’s historic resources including its buildings, districts, and diverse neighborhoods, and for being especially strong in such a historically rich city, making preservation a part of Portland’s civic identity.

Past Preservation Award Winners