Landmarks Historic Marker Program
Take Pride in Your Historic Home!

Landmarks is not accepting new applications at this time.
We will re-launch our Marker Program in Spring of 2019! Stay Tuned!

The Historic Marker Program is a community outreach effort sponsored by Greater Portland Landmarks to celebrate the rich architectural fabric of greater Portland that we work to preserve and protect.

Property owners can celebrate the historical or architectural significance of their property with a historic marker that includes the property’s name as well as the original date of construction.

The Historic Property Marker Program adds value to your home for use by real estate companies, architectural firms, builders and homeowners alike. 

Option 1

Do it Yourself

Using our research guide, fill out the application for your historic property marker.

Download the Application

Includes one year membership


Option 2

Let us Help

Landmarks will perform the research necessary to complete your application and provide a brief write-up on your historic property.

Includes one year membership


Option 3

Longer Report

Landmarks will complete your application and produce a longer report on your property, complete with neighborhood background and historic images.

Includes one year membership


Already have a property marker that needs replacing? Fill out our Marker Replacement Form

Questions about our Historic Property Marker program? Visit our FAQs page

Thank you! Your participation in Landmarks’ Historic Property Marker program helps to support our advocacy efforts and educational programs, as well as promote pride in our communities’ rich architectural history.
Greater Portland Landmarks is a non-profit organization.