Photo by Corey Templeton

Founded in 1964, Greater Portland Landmarks' mission is to preserve and revitalize greater Portland's remarkable legacy of historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes and parks.

Portland's Union Station, Demolished 1961

Portland's Union Station, Demolished 1961

Our Story

Founded in response to the Urban Renewal movement and the demolition of Portland’s historic Union Station (1888), Landmarks works to increase the public’s connection to greater Portland’s historic built environment by providing leadership, advocacy, educational publications, programs and resources, and by acting as steward of the Portland Observatory (1807) for future generations.

Our goal is to save greater Portland’s historic places through preservation and adaptive reuse while promoting creative new architecture that enhances historic neighborhoods. 

I attended the first meetings of the group that became greater Portland Landmarks, and I can truly say that if it hadn’t been for Landmarks, Portland would not have many of the wonderful historic buildings that define it as an award-winning place to live and tourist destination.
— Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., Maine State Historian

Our activities seek to build awareness, to instill community pride and to encourage public participation in the important decisions regarding historic preservation, urban planning, and new development that will affect our future.  Landmarks is here to provide information and assistance, engage the public with historic architecture and the built environment, and to support a thoughtful dialogue about the development of greater Portland for the betterment of all its citizens.


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