Queen Anne Style (1870-1910)

Defining Elements of the Queen Anne Style:

  • Eclectic form and asymmetrical façade.
  • Steeply pitched, irregular roof forms.
  • Multiple gables and dormers.
  • Irregular floor plans.
  • Towers and turrets are common.
  • Porches with roofs supported by columns with diagonal bracing.
  • Projecting bay or upper stories are common.
  • Multiple window shapes and groupings. Geometric glass window panes and stained glass window panes are common.
  • Wood frame is usual, although brick examples exist locally.
  • Multiple tall narrow chimneys with ornate brickwork and decorate details.
  • Multiple textures and siding materials.
  • Many bays and extensive porches with machined trim and details.

Examples of Queen Anne Style Architecture in Greater Portland: