Fort Allen Park

Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine

The Issue

The condition of the historic Eastern Promenade and Fort Allen had declined from the glory years of 1890-1930. A 2004 master plan for the Eastern Promenade made numerous recommendations to restore the historic character of the park. In 2006 the Friends of Eastern Promenade were founded to help enact the plan’s recommendations. The Friends of Eastern Promenade commissioned a master plan specifically for Fort Allen. The City Council approved plan was completed in 2015 with support from the City of Portland and private donation.

Our Position

Fort Allen Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated City Landmark. Advocating for careful resource management of our historic public parks and funding for maintenance and improvements is an important part of the Landmarks' mission. Landmarks supported the Friends of Eastern Promenade in their efforts to restore the park's essential character-defining details, while accommodating modern memorials, universal access, and amenities. Project funding included the City of Portland Capital Improvement program, a Community Development Block Grant, and private fundraising.


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