Franklin Street Arterial

Franklin Street Arterial, Portland, Maine

The Issue

In 2009 the City of Portland began considering a redesign of Franklin Street, a 1970s urban arterial connecting I-295 with the waterfront. When constructed, the arterial severed the connection between historic neighborhoods and the downtown and required the demolition of numerous historic dwellings, businesses, and community buildings.

Our Position

A reconfigured Franklin Street should enhance the urban fabric of the city through the mixed-use development of residential, commercial and recreational space amid attractive streetscapes and possibly restore land taken for the creation of the arterial to Lincoln Park. As part of the City’s plan to redesign the arterial, Landmarks advocates for the following:

  • Restore land to Lincoln Park by realigning Franklin Street to the east of the existing right-of-way, in order to increase high-quality open space for gathering, passive recreation, and respite.

  • Creation of a pedestrian friendly connection between Lincoln Park and the India Street neighborhood to provide the neighborhood with much needed access to open space.

  • Restore and strengthen the East/West continuity of historic character and resources along Congress Street, not only by maintaining the existing historic architecture but also by encouraging infill development that is sensitive to the scale, height, and massing of its historic context and that serves to encourage use of Lincoln Park, thereby further enlivening that open space.

  • Reconnection of the historic street grid along the entire length of Franklin for all modes of transportation.


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