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Maine Calling: Historic Preservation

Maine Public's Maine Calling hosted a live discussion on Historic Preservation throughout Maine. Jennifer Rooks will be asking questions about some of "the successful projects, from renovated mills to rehabilitated old schools, and how historic preservation contributes to Maine's economy--and the well-being of communities."

The show will be live at 1 pm on Monday, February 5.  It will be broadcast at 8 pm that same night and available online after that. 


Join the Conversation:

Tune in live and ask questions from the panel of experts listed below! 

Julie Larry joined Greater Portland Landmarks’ staff as the Director of Advocacy in 2015. Prior to joining Landmarks, Julie was a partner for eighteen years at ttl-architects, an architecture and preservation firm in Portland. While at ttl-architects she oversaw the restoration of the Portland Observatory, the Castle-in-the-Park at Deering Oaks, and numerous other preservation projects in New England, including several historic resource surveys in Maine.

Kirk F. Mohney joined the Maine Historic Preservation Commission in 1986 as coordinator of the National Register of Historic Places and architectural survey programs. He became assistant director in 2001. He became the director of the agency and the State Historic Preservation Officer in 2015 after the retirement of longtime director Earle Shettleworth Jr. He is the author of Beautiful In All Its Details – The Architecture Of Maine’s Public Library Buildings 1878-1942 (1997) and Along The Rails – A Survey Of Maine’s Historic Railroad Buildings (2000)

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission was established through a legislative act in 1971. It has the largest repository for information about historic buildings, sites, structures, objects and districts in Maine. The Maine Historic Resources Inventory contains information on:

o More than 52,496 above ground resources
o 4601 historic archaeological sites
o 6373 pre historic (Native American) sites
o Responsible for the statewide review of federal and state projects to determine their impact on historic resources such as transportation projects, telecommunications towers, and dam relicensing.
o Assists owners of income producing properties to obtain federal and state rehabilitation tax credits.
o Nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places

Kevin Bunker is a founding principal of Developers Collaborative. Kevin founded DC with Richard Berman after graduating with distinction in 2007 from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design with a Master in Urban Planning degree. A former municipal planner and lobsterman in the Rockland area, Kevin is a principal on all of DC’s current projects, which have averaged about $30 million per year in recent years and run the gamut from residential to industrial.  Kevin brings experience in complex financing models including tax increment financing, use of tax credits, and other public private partnerships, all leading to creative projects that build community and strengthen the Maine economy in innovative ways.  Kevin is also an activist promoting the causes of smart growth and downtowns at the state and local level. 

Developers Collaborative is an association of like-minded independent real estate developers interested in projects that build community.

o make an extra effort to listen to neighbors
o employ creative solutions in order to create successful places
o employ a community-based approach to planning and building our projects
o frequently participate in public-private partnerships to achieve public goals