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Preservation Month Scavenger Hunt

Celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day
with Greater Portland Landmarks!

Do you like a good riddle? Just love historic places? Play along by yourself or form a team and solve the clues to win serious bragging rights and one lucky person will win a gift certificate donated by Silly's Restaurant! Thank you to Norway Savings Bank for sponsoring all our walking tours and scavenger hunts this season. 


For a PDF of the clues click here.


Solve the riddles, take a picture of the historic place described in each riddle, and post your images on facebook or Instagram by May 31st, 2017 with the hashtag: #portlandlandmarks

Anyone who posts an image of ALL 10 places will receive a set of notecards and one lucky person will win a gift certificate donated by Silly's Restaurant. 


All the places are within easy walking distance of each other on Portland’s peninsula.


All will be revealed on June 1st by 12pm

CLUES: (Answers at the end)


Not far from where Joe’s once stood
Is a famous building not made of wood.
1907, it rose as if from dreams
According to Thompson’s well planned schemes.
Once known by another of fame
Bearing a former MHS President’s name.


Loyal Aristarcus Lodge No. 9
I don’t know if it was made of pine.
But that was long ago and far away,
The one you seek is much closer today.
Oddly, the fellows who once gave away hordes
No longer are reveling upon these local boards.


Varied have been those housed here
It bears a famous family’s name
A Romanesque palace twas empty for many a year
As John Calvin did revive Francis’ work of fame
Guess you not what these two had wrought?
Everything undergoes change
Now today it is rearranged
Could but its former inhabitants speak
You would find the place you seek.






At the ROADS



Is Tucker’s Gift


He started humble, there is no doubt
But in the end, there was little he did without.
In our fair city, he was a legend though not elected
And when he passed, this was erected
Of red brick and soaring rich symmetry
Giving credence to his ingenuity.
So to him and this special place, we tip a hat
As we spy his signature, just think of that.


After both the Great Fire and Civil War
As the Cathedral was being planned
Pelham designed and oversaw
This small Gothic building of the Lord
Find it and you will see
Though not mighty in size
It bears the strength of its stone
In its humble simplicity 


A bit from where the Centennial American Tea Company once stood
Is a building, decidedly not made of wood.
Across the street, the Dash once flew on high
By that was again, in times gone by.
The Carter brothers well knew the place
And of course, there is the famous dancing space.
From where Vulcan and Archimedes look down
This historic building can be found.


First, it was built of wood
Where the town called Falmouth stood
The locals burned it down
So, more wood was found
But they rebuilt it thrice times more
Until in 1840, it was granite with a wooden door
The Great Fire did no consume this place
And the State’s first Constitution was drafted in its space
Seek where one of Mowatt’s balls hangs on high
And you’ll be standing in this place, by and by


She stands on high, an image, Minerva’s replicant
Using the vanquished Market Building’s cant.
Northwesterly, Vinton faces the lands he would defend
Southeasterly, Farragut faces where the shore ends
Three pieces, only part of the whole, a trinity of respect.
You will find it very soon, I suspect.

STOP! Answers Below. If you don't want to know the answers don't scroll any further!






1) Trelawny Building aka Baxter Building

2) Odd Fellows Hall, 25A Forest Ave (now Portland Stage Company)

3) Old Portland Public Library aka Baxter Library now home a VIA Agency

4) Lincoln Park

5) Longfellow Monument 

6) John Bundy Brown Memorial Block

7) St. Paul’s Church and Rectory

8) Mechanic’s Hall

9) First Parish Church

10) Our Lady of Victories Monument