Equestrian Artifacts of Portland's Golden Age

West End, Portland  |  Nominated to Places in Peril in 2015

The Issue

Cast iron hitching posts and granite carriage mounts are examples of a golden age of beautification in the city of Portland in the time of horse-drawn vehicles. Part of the “City Beautiful” movement of the time, these artifacts reflect the carefully designed public spaces of the era. These artifacts are both under-recognized and prominently positioned along busy streets, and they face threats to their physical integrity due to snow removal and utility work.  Their small scale and low visibility add to the challenge, as they can be easily removed or destroyed.

Our Position

A preliminary survey of these artifacts in the Western Promenade could be continued throughout the Portland peninsula to serve as a resource for property owners and City public works crews. There is an opportunity to partner with Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth, which has a collection of historic carriages, sleighs, and hitching posts, to expand awareness of their local history.


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What You Can Do

  • Download our self-guided walking tour of the Western Promenade, and explore the equestrian artifacts sprinkled throughout Portland's west end neighborhood.
  • Visit Skyline Farm and see their collection of equestrian artifacts.
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