Munjoy Hill Zoning Changes head to City Council

The Planning Board unanimously approved recommending passage of the revised zoning language for the R6 Zone on Munjoy Hill on Tuesday, May 15th. The City Council is expected to hold a public hearing and vote on the recommended changes on June 4th. 

The zoning recommendations reflect months of city and neighborhood conversations about the future of Munjoy Hill. Landmarks believes the package is a good balance between conserving what makes the neighborhood attractive, while allowing new compatible development to occur in this desirable neighborhood. 

St. Lawrence Street_49_Portland.jpg

City staff has recommended moving forward with historic district designations later this year and we are encouraging City Councilors to express their desire to see that process move forward as soon as possible, hopefully with public hearings this fall. 

Throughout the moratorium period, Landmarks has met with various stakeholders and the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization (MHNO). In advance of the planning board public hearing we met with MHNO and the newly formed Munjoy Hill Conservation Collaborative. The three groups found we have major areas of agreement.

Landmarks is asking the City Council:

  • to direct city staff to move forward with the historic district designation process
  • to support the proposed demolition review ordinance with one minor amendment for clarification purposes that would ensure buildings with significant social or cultural history will be protected by the demolition review process
  • to support the proposed dimensional standards with a couple of amendments for clarification purposes that would ensure the R-6 design standards will remain a useful tool for the planning board as they review the scale and massing compatibility of new construction on Munjoy Hill.

Please contact the city council and let them know that you support Landmarks position and the position of our neighborhood allies. Thank you!