Portland Company Public Hearing

CPB2 image of the Portland Company redevelopment

CPB2 image of the Portland Company redevelopment

  • On Tuesday, December 20th, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing, and subsequent vote, on the Master Development Plan put forth by CPB2 to redevelop the former Portland Company complex on the Eastern Waterfront.

If you want to ensure that buildings in the Portland Company Local Historic District are carefully integrated into redevelopment plans, we need your help! The Planning Board will be voting on the master development plan application on Tuesday, December 20th @ 7PM at City Hall.

What you can do:

  1. E-mail the Planning Board, to let them know that you support Greater Portland Landmarks’ position cdg@portland.gov
  2. Contact Landmarks' Director of Advocacy at jlarry@portlandlandmarks.org
  3. Attend the Planning Board Meeting, Dec 20th at 7PM in City Hall Council Chambers, to voice your support for historic preservation
  4. Share this with anyone who knows these buildings matter!

The Portland Company Historic District recognizes a nationally-significant industrial complex that conveys an important part of Portland’s history.  Therefore, the scale and impact of the redevelopment must be carefully composed to preserve the character of the industrial complex.

Greater Portland Landmarks advocates for the following:

  • Upholding the findings of the Historic Preservation Board
  • Creating new construction in and directly adjacent to the historic district that does not overwhelm, distract or visually compete with the historic buildings.
  • Preserving the character of the industrial complex through scale, massing, materials, and design details while allowing for new construction.
  • Including at least one overhead bridge element that is retained or rebuilt in each alley to preserve the industrial complex’s visual character.
  • Designing additions to the historic buildings that are contextually appropriate to each building.

Landmarks supports the potential relocation of Building 12 and the related amendment of the district boundaries as contemplated in the Master Development Plan.  The relocation will preserve the building’s visual relationship with the other contributing buildings in the historic district, provide it much greater visibility than would be possible in its current location, and create a contiguous historic district boundary. 

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